About Us

The random animal generator is one of the most entertaining websites for kids and babies who are an enthusiast to explore new animals. The best way to educate your child about animals is by giving them extreme knowledge about creatures that are living. We have surfed through every corner of the internet and collected almost every animal and their names.

This random animal generator is so cool as you can choose the number of animals to be displayed. Every time you decide to generate you will have random and different animals appearing on your screen along with their names. You can also teach your children how to pronounce or spell that name. Even adults have no idea whether these species coexist with us. Different ranges and varieties of animals will make you amazed. It will be so exciting to watch your kids identifying the correct animals. You may also give them a name of an animal and ask them to find it.

Teach your kids how to live in hormony with animals. This will encourage them to meet those animals in real. Guess what? you'll never get bored when you visit a zoo with your kids. Let's start educating them along with some entertainmen.